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Risk Report - Oct. 2023


November 13, 2023


One of the amazing aspects of the ad security work we do is the vast amounts of data we collect on what our clients want to block from their sites. This October report is your backstage pass, where we share with you some of the data points we track internally while drilling into a few of the highlights as well.

Boltive’s Ad Lightning captures a wide array of metrics – from the number of unique signatures blocked to the total ads scanned. Our goal is to utilize this data to better understand and react to threats in the digital advertising ecosystem.

In October, the data we collected showed some significant changes. It's a clear reflection of the threats lurking in digital spaces and the ongoing effort we put into keeping them secure. When we dive into these metrics, we're piecing together a clearer picture of the challenges we face and fine-tuning our strategies to identify and mitigate them effectively.

This is essential, as the data we gather does not merely represent numbers; it reflects the ongoing and dynamic battle against continuously evolving threat actors and our commitment to preserving secure, trustworthy online experiences for your consumers.

Key Statistics at a Glance

October's data reveals minor changes in the data we collect, with the exception of Ads Blocked/Block rate. With the Block Rate having risen to 2.68% from the previous 3 months' average of 2.29%, this increase is significant in the context of billions of protected impressions, further proving that Ad Lightning is able to keep up with the threats in the ad ecosystem.

Domain Investigation Process: Security Response Platform (SRP)

As the digital world keeps on changing, so do the threats that come with it. This October report highlights how ad security is always in flux and why it's important to stay ahead of these challenges.

Boltive’s Security Response Platform (SRP) remains a critical component in responding to these emerging challenges. The SRP is not merely reactive; it's a comprehensive framework designed for proactive threat anticipation and rapid mitigation. The SRP leverages the use of machine learning and involves rapid identification of new threats and immediate action to mitigate potential risks, ensuring a safer online ad experience.

Our dedication to discovering and handling these advanced threats is a big part of what keeps the digital world a safe space. We’re always on guard and ready, so you can keep your focus on growing your business, knowing that your digital environment is in safe hands.

Empower Your Ad Security

Let’s dive into what Ad Lightning can really do for you. Why not book time with us and see our latest updates in action? We'll walk you through all the cool features and benefits we have released in Ad Lightning. Think of it as expanding your ad security toolbox to provide a solution that allows your team to be proactive, streamlined, and one step ahead of those tricky threats.

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