Your Privacy Matters

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Manage Preferences

Differentiate Your Services And Win More Customers

Technology platforms and professional services close and retain more business with Boltive. Boltive audits and monitoring provide forensic evidence of data sharing errors. Boltive reports deliver remediation and business value.

Boltive’s customizable and modular APIs fit perfectly into your dashboard. Boltive reports adapt to all client organizations. Read more and join our partners in consulting, software, legal, and regulatory lines of business. ​

Help Your Clients Comply With Myriad New Data Privacy Laws And Technologies ​

It’s a simple config to see my account, drill into my personas, and update them. Secret shopper tech is Boltive‘s secret sauce.”​

— Senior Manager, Consulting Firm

“No one else can tell me the exact root causes of accidental data sales as defined under CPRA that are  otherwise hidden.”​

— General Manager, Technology Vendor

Confirm Consent Signals

Verify that consent is properly captured on your website and then honored by all of your digital advertising partners.

Audit Data Sharing

Unintended data sharing can occur on your site in your programmatic ad stack. Identify data collectors and stop leaks.

Remediate in Real-time

Whether it's via real-time analytics or Boltive's new Privacy Protection Wrapper, ensure every impression is compliant.

Address Strategic Client Priorities​

With a resurgent GDPR in Europe and the increasing reach of laws in the Americas and Asia, data sharing creates more liability than data theft. ​​

Solve client strategic problems around consent, cookie management, vendor risk and other high-impact projects. Set up and get started in a couple hours. Utilize either turnkey settings or infinite customization options to meet client needs.

​​With our detailed audits providing a roadmap and supporting your control frameworks, add your own remediation services to fully satisfy your clients.​

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Monitor First Party And Third Party Activities​

Are your clients’ consent and preference systems working as intended? Are they aware of all third parties receiving personal information? Do your customers protect their customers? Get clear, definitive answers.

Boltive is your secret shopper designed to surface privacy violations. We simulate your consumer’s journeys on the web to audit data sharing at critical checkpoints.

Boltive verifies your consent management system is handling opt-out and opt-in requests properly and ensures those signals are being honored by your advertising partners. We also audit on-page data integrations and third party advertising partners to identify data leakage and maximize lawful collection​​.

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Use As A Managed Service, Self-Service, Or Integrated APIs​

As a managed service, Boltive reports fit perfectly pre-engagement or during engagement. Boltive defines the vulnerabilities, failure points, and remediation steps. that deliver business value to your customers.

For self-service, Boltive quick start orientation allows you to set up personas and customer journeys in a couple hours. Product user guides and step-by-step training videos keep you sharp. Our on-demand escalation calls help you in a pinch.​​

APIs bring you all the data and benchmarks you need right into your user interface.​​​​

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