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Digital Security and
Privacy Compliance

Brands, publishers, vendors and other enterprises want safe and profitable user experiences online. Boltive helps you ensure digital interactions are malware-free and privacy-preserving. Patented secret shopper and auto-blocking software safeguards you and your vendors. Protect your customers. Strengthen your reputation. Recover lost revenue.

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Products by Boltive

Ad Lightning

Publishers + Adtech

Don't just monitor and audit programmatic ads, but identify, block, refresh, and replace bad ads with the leading ad security solution.


Protect your audience from malware, redirects and other malicious behaviors.


Replace offensive and non-compliant ads with brand safe creative.


Apply learnings with customizable tools including “report ad”, revenue recovery refresh and alerting.

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Ad Lightning dashboard displayed in a computer monitor. Dashboard shows ad quality, scanning, and blocking metrics.

Privacy Guard


The only tool powerful enough to detect data sharing gaps before they become liabilities.


Detect consent failures at any point in the ad delivery flow.


Verify data collection and ensure only approved vendors are delivering your creative.


Identify improper retargeting and remediate issues to avoid non-compliance.

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Privacy Guard dashboard displayed on a computer monitor. Dashboard shows metrics for CMP performance, Ad Stack errors, and more.



NPS Score

Why our Net Promoter Score is in the Top 1% of Software Companies

We've been working with the Boltive team for several years and have continually been impressed with their knowledge of the industry, effectiveness of their solution and responsiveness of their team.

— Everyday Health

We feel the positive impact of Boltive's technology across our operations. Working with them allows us to focus on our core business, growing revenue, and strategizing for the future. We feel like they have an authentic, vested interest in our success, and that's just something you don't see an awful lot of these days. They don't have to be so hands-on and involved...they want to.


Boltive has been a great partner to us and we see that you incorporate our feedback into things you're doing and building. We really appreciate that.

— Buzzfeed

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