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3 Strategies to Improve Ad Revenue for Publishers


February 28, 2023


Given the uncertain macroeconomic climate, the outlook for digital ad spending is spotty at best. Over the last year we have seen that large advertisers are pulling back budgets, and it’s looking like that will only continue this year.

As if that’s not enough, it is getting even harder for publishers to increase ad revenue now that other industry players are introducing new ways to block Ads.ᅠ

That includes Google’s Heavy Ad Intervention in the Chrome browser and brand quality vendors like Integral Ad Science, Double Verify and Moat blocking perfectly good ads because an algorithm says the content is not appropriate for that brand. On top of all that, sometimes ad tech just fails and the result is an empty space on the page with no ad being served. 

This has a direct impact on CPMs because each of these situations causes the ad slot to go unmonetized.

Boltive is addressing each of these issues with Revenue Recovery, providing you with ways to use our existing technology for blocking bad ads to help drive more revenue. In this guide, we’ll share how publishers can use these strategies to take back control of their site experience.

Revenue Recovery Helps You Improve Ad Revenue

Boltive has introduced several new ways for publishers to use our core technology to aid in re-monetizing lost impressions.  

Ad Lightning has traditionally been used as a solution for blocking bad ads like Malware and Redirects as well as ads with sensitive content like alcohol, firearms, etc. Today we have added a new set of features that uses that same technology to look for ad slots that have gone unfilled to help you re-monetize those lost impressions.

Collectively, we are calling these our Revenue Recovery options and they are now available for all Ad Lightning customers utilizing our on page blocking solution

How Revenue Recovery Works: 

Revenue Recovery addresses 3 frequent scenarios that turn our ad quality solution into a profit center, not a cost center:

1. Google Chrome HAI Refresh 

Google Chrome blocks ads classified as ‘heavy’ to protect the user experience, leaving a blank ad space resulting in lost revenue.

Ad Lightning detects when Chrome has blocked an ad and refreshes the slot, allowing the publisher to control the creative that is served rather than Chrome’s gray box calling out an ad has been removed.  

2. Empty Ad Refresh 

Empty ads occur when something has gone wrong in the ad serving process and are annoying for publishers and viewers alike. They disrupt the user experience and reduce profit being made.ᅠ

With Empty Ad Refresh our technology identifies the unfilled ad slot automatically and triggers a refresh to quickly re-monetize, giving publishers a new tool to ensure their sites are viewed as designed.

3. Verification Refresh

Third party tags are often wrapped by brand safety vendors like DoubleVerify, Moat and Integral Ad Science that block an ad from serving if the content on the webpage is perceived as a brand violation. Ad Lightning can now detect and refresh the slot when an ad is blocked by these vendors, allowing the publisher to control the experience and ensure a monetized creative is delivered.

Revenue Recovery Reporting

All the data from each of these Revenue Recovery options is included in your dashboard. This makes it easy to filter and see how frequently each of these scenarios occurs and ultimately how much revenue is being recovered.

Revenue Recovery Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it. Our results speak for themselves.

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