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Dan on The Cyber Pro Podcast ep. 236


March 1, 2023


"Dan talks about his journey from marketing to data privacy. He is on a mission to protect consumers from invasive media. He shares his personal story about being tracked online and how the hyper targeting he was victim of started him on his journey to Boltive. He elaborates on the anti malware software and why it is still a part of the cybersecurity world. Dan than expands on the anti Malvertising that Boltive is built around. The bad actors that use malvertising are looking more legit and many consumers can't distinguish between the two. He talks about the current driver in data privacy laws and how the technology is struggling to keep up with the regulations. Businesses need to be wary of overconfidence in being prepared for compliance on the new privacy laws. Audits are showing many are still vulnerable due to lax in vendor checks and other factors."

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