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Navigating Digital Security: Boltive's Q1 2024 Risk Report


June 5, 2024


The digital security landscape in the first quarter of 2024 was quite a rollercoaster, thanks to the increased use of AI by not-so-friendly players and the buzz around the upcoming US elections. With AI-powered threats amplified during election season, there's a genuine risk of sketchy ads saturating the digital landscape. Dealing with digital security during these wild times calls for increased awareness to protect users, enhance brand reputation, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Detailed Analysis of Statistics

Let’s see how Q1 2024 panned out compared to April 2024 in terms of digital security.

Key Insights and Takeaways

With very little change in block rate when comparing April 2024 to Q1 2024, our current methods of identification and mitigation are working as expected - but we still do not get to relax. With a YOY Block Rate increase of 11%, this shows that threat actors continue developing new ways to bypass current ad security measures.

We acknowledge the persistent threat posed by malicious actors, evident in the concerning statistic that nearly 80% of new active signatures are identified as malicious. While recent trends suggest stability, it's crucial to remain vigilant as threat actors are capable of launching significant attacks at any moment, leveraging the latest technological advancements, including AI, to exploit vulnerabilities.

The Impact of AI on Digital Ad Security

AI-driven threats are on the rise, with threat actors leveraging AI to craft highly sophisticated yet deceptive ads that are mounting in complexity. These AI-powered tactics can dynamically manipulate ad content, evade traditional detection methods, and target users with greater precision.

Threats AI Poses to Brand Reputation

Threat actors are increasingly using AI to damage brand reputations through sophisticated tactics like deceptive ads and brandjacking. These malicious activities mimic trusted brands, misleading consumers and eroding trust. The advanced capabilities of AI make these threats particularly challenging to identify and combat. Companies must stay alert and use AI-driven security measures to fight back and protect brand integrity against these evolving threats.

Election Year Dynamics and Their Implications for Ad Security

The upcoming elections have led to a spike in negative political ads that pose unique challenges for digital ad security. Negative political ads can harm brand reputation, user experience, and disrupt monetization if not correctly managed. Rather than outright removal of these ads, publishers should focus on filtering out harmful political content.

Strengthening Digital Ad Security with Boltive

To address these evolving threats, stakeholders must embrace proactive measures and advanced technologies. 

offers essential tools and strategies to enhance digital ad security and compliance with privacy. Engage with Boltive’s services to safeguard your digital environment, protect user experiences, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Contact Boltive
today to fortify your defenses against increasing risks in the digital landscape.

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