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Ad Lightning’s New Platform Partners Help Move the Ad Quality Fight Upstream


March 4, 2021


If you’ll recall, we highlighted the urgent need for ad quality solutions across platforms way back in our 2020 State of Ad Quality Report. To quote myself:

When asked for the one thing the industry should support to improve ad quality, the majority felt additional ad quality checks with SSPs and other upstream platforms would have the greatest effect.


Obviously, plenty of unforeseen events have occurred since we published that report in January, 2020 but, despite a global pandemic and everything it entailed, the dire need for upstream ad quality measures remains a code-blue alert for the industry.

For those reasons and many more, I’m delighted to tell you about the significant uptick Ad Lightning has seen in platform partnerships in recent months. So on that note, I want to take a few moments to discuss a handful of our newer platform relationships and what the trend means for the digital ad ecosystem as a whole.


What Ad Lightning Provides to Platforms

Of course, the partnerships I’m about to discuss didn’t choose Ad Lightning as their ad quality partner by coincidence. Aside from our streamlined UI, industry-leading customer service, and our forward-looking approach to our technology, three of our solution’s features really stand-out to platforms – malware protection, integration options, and category blocking.

Malware Protection

Platforms have many moving parts. That makes the combination of speed, flexibility, and effectiveness essential, particularly in the case of our detection methodology. Ad platforms gravitate toward our solution because it lets them audit, report, and automatically block malware, while also offering multiple ways to provide creative ID data and other necessary signals back to their systems.

Integration Options

Platforms have evolved and grown significantly in recent years, with complex auction mechanics and client & server side integrations trafficking billions of creatives a day. Therefore, platforms need solutions that can adapt to their quickly-evolving needs, including flexible blocking options, robust APIs, and other customization options that will help them stay ahead of the ad quality curve.

Category Blocking

Politics, gambling, alcohol and tobacco, countless forms of NSFW content, and more – they’re all persona non grata to many publishers and end users. But that’s what makes our category blocking feature such a powerful tool for platforms, allowing them to head those bad ads off at the pass before they can get downstream and wreak havoc. Thus, our solution is particularly attractive for platforms wanting to maintain solid relationships with their own partners along the supply chain.


Recent Additions to Ad Lightning’s Platform Partnerships

Now that I’ve examined what makes Ad Lightning’s ad quality features so appealing to platforms, I want to highlight some of our most recent partnerships.


Amobee is a global multi-channel DSP that was looking to uplevel their ad quality partnerships with the goal of combining real-time and offline monitoring techniques. The company recently upgraded their legacy solution with Ad Lightning to integrate real-time blocking and monitoring data with plans to incorporate offline scanning as well. Specifically, they liked the ease in which we provide data, our multiple integration options, and our ability to customize our solution to seamlessly integrate it with their systems. Amobee is also using Ad Lightning to ensure TAG compliance.


IPONWEB is a global leader and pioneer in building programmatic technology and infrastructure, having engineered more than 150 1st-party trading platforms, including Right Media Exchange, Invite Media, LiveIntent, and Platform161. IPONWEB also operates its own platform offerings with BidSwitch, BidCore, and The MediaGrid, servicing the entire ad tech ecosystem, from brand buyers to publishers, with hundreds of agency, platform and data partners in between.

With increased industry focus on ad quality and user experience, IPONWEB needed a solution that ensured the more than 700 billion bid requests flowing through its collective pipes each day were safe for its partners. To support these efforts, IPONWEB integrated ADL across its suite of products to ensure inspection of every creative for malicious and unwanted behaviors. IPONWEB needed a flexible partner that could provide real-time insights into malicious activity, along with the data necessary to automate internal processes at scale, all while minimizing costs.

Other New Partnerships

We also want to welcome a few other new platform partners to the Ad Lightning family:


And last but not least, we’ve recently established new partnerships with publishers as well:


In the bigger picture, all of these new relationships with Ad Lightning – both publishers and platforms – should put a definite spring in the ecosystem’s step. They speak to a growing commitment from industry participants toward a more unified, cohesive approach to ad quality. And I can’t tell you how proud we are at Ad Lightning to be leading the way.

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