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The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Ad Security Solution

Boltive delivers proactive bad ad protection, live site scanning, and ecosystem insights that help publishers take control of their programmatic advertising. Monitor ads in real-time, block bad actors, and audit your partners’ privacy compliance so you can protect your customers and your revenue.

We founded Boltive with a single mission: to clean up ad tech, and to be a great partner in the process. It's a role we continue to take incredibly seriously.

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Improve Audience Experience
& Your Bottom Line

When ads affect user experiences, audiences turn away, view fewer pages and even adopt ad blocking technologies. All of those outcomes reduce the addressable audience for advertising, creating a problem for all parties. With Boltive, strengthen consumer trust by stopping unwanted ads and ensuring private data is safe.

Stop Malware & Unwanted Ads

Replace malicious, invasive and non-compliant ads with safe, revenue generating ads. Protect your site on all devices, across mobile, web and in-app.

Improve User Experience

Prevent ads that autoplay, slow page load times or contain inappropriate content from impacting users and page load times.

Stay Compliant

Ensure all ads comply with industry standards, brand guidelines, and approved media formats. Recover lost CPMs due to failed consent signals.

Protect Your Audience with Patented Malware Detection

At any given time there are thousands of malicious threats impacting the advertising ecosystem. For Ops teams, tracking down these bad ads is time consuming, frustrating and often impossible.

Boltive’s patented technology identifies and stops these bad ads before they reach your audience. Our solution deploys a combination of dynamic analysis, machine learning, and a team of security engineers to detect and anticipate new threats. Unwanted impressions are re-monetized with safe creatives, while providing insights into where bad ads are coming from. Boltive protects all units, on all devices, across the web and in-app.

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Recover Revenue with Category, Content, and Blank Ad Protection

Ad Quality goes beyond Malware. Publishers’ and their audiences want to experience ads that meet the standards of their sites. That means ads that meet category standards, don’t slow down the page, or cause blank ad slots to appear. With Boltive’s suite of tools, publishers can run pre-flight checks or prevent these ad violations altogether to remonetize those impressions with brand safe creatives.  

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Correct Privacy Issues Before They Become Liabilities or Lost Revenue.

Boltive uniquely identifies and remediates data sharing and retargeting risk, delivering you with the key insights you need to keep your consumer data and your reputation safe. Verify that your consent management system is handling opt-out and opt-in requests properly and ensures those signals are being honored by your adtech partners. You can also recover lost CMPs by identifying lost opt-in signals.

Boltive is your secret shopper designed to surface privacy violations. We simulate your consumer’s journeys on the web to audit data sharing at critical checkpoints.

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