Your Privacy Matters

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Comply with Regulations, Protect Your Reputation

Advertisers and brands are now liable for any unauthorized data sharing in their digital advertising campaigns—even honest mistakes.

With one-third of consent signals causing errors, brands are vulnerable to reputational and legal risks. Boltive’s patented technology is the only solution to protect your digital advertising campaigns and alert you to ads and technology partners that aren’t compliant with expected regulations.

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Stop Unintended Data Sharing Violations in Advertising

In a new privacy-oriented world, data sharing can create more liability than data theft. While your brand has likely adopted a consent management platform, there's more to being compliant with your advertising data.  Just as you’d run brand safety checks on a digital campaign, it is now critical to include privacy compliance checks as well.

Confirm Consent Signals

Verify that consent is properly captured on your website and then honored by all of your digital advertising partners.

Audit Data Sharing

Unwanted data sharing can occur on your site or in your programmatic ad stack. Identify data collectors and stop leaks.

Remediate in Real-time

Whether is via real-time analytics or Boltive's new Privacy Protection Wrapper, ensure every impression is compliant.

Ensure Compliance Beyond your CMP

It will soon become a requirement under the CPRA (the amended CCPA) for brands to ensure that consent signals are handled properly throughout the ad delivery chain. With more clarity around compliance expectations, it's easier than ever to take steps to avoid fines and protect your consumer reputation.

Boltive is your secret shopper designed to surface privacy violations. We simulate your consumer’s journeys on the web to audit data sharing at critical checkpoints.

Boltive verifies your consent management system is handling opt-out and opt-in requests properly and ensures those signals are being honored by your advertising partners . We also audit on-page data integrations and third party advertising partners to identify data leakage and maximize lawful collection.

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Protect Your Most Loyal Consumers

When you comply with the new data privacy laws, you’re telling your customers that you put their rights before your needs. This is a powerful stance that improves relationships, increases loyalty and maintains your brand reputation. 

It’s well known that it costs more to acquire new customers than to keep them. Misusing personal information, or not doing anything to protect the data you’re trusted with, is likely to increase your churn rate and damage your bottom line.

Our audits also improve spend efficiency. Advertisers routinely direct premium campaign spend toward online prospects who have opted-out of targeting. This segment is the least likely to respond. So the same root cause that prevents privacy compliance also leads to wasted marketing expense.  

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Update Your Brand Safety Protection

As a digital advertiser, you work hard to ensure programmatic campaigns aren't running on fraudulent sites or along-side unwanted content. As new privacy laws go into effect, your brand safety protection should also include verification that Interest Based Ads (IBA) are delivered with proper consent.

The good news is implementing privacy checks doesn't have to be complex. Boltive's Privacy Protection Wrapper is designed to detect mismatched consent in real-time, alerting you to issues and preventing your brand from reaching

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Detect Unintended Data Sharing
Violations in Advertising

Privacy Guard™ uniquely identifies and remediates data sharing and retargeting risk, delivering you with the key insights you need to keep your consumer data and your reputation safe. Boltive’s patented technology is the only solution that audits your setup and alerts you of third parties that aren’t compliant with expected regulations so that you can address issues and avoid fines.


Verify Consent

E-verify your consent management platform is handling opt-out and opt-in requests properly.


Verify Collection

We review on-page collection to eliminate data leakage and maximize lawful collection.


Verify Vendors

We inform you which vendors are unknown to you and which leave you vulnerable to data leaks.


Verify Targeting

Ensure all ads comply with industry standards, brand guidelines, and approved media formats.