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Ad Lightning dashboard displayed in a computer monitor. Dashboard shows ad quality, scanning, and blocking metrics.

Ad Lightning

Don’t Let Unwanted Ads Threaten Your Reputation & Revenue

At any given time 28% of all ads on the internet are malicious, suspicious, or non-compliant. No other software as a service offers more comprehensive blocking, scanning, and insights than Boltive does. Even one poor quality ad can impact the experience of thousands of site visitors, jeopardizing your site or technology’s reputation.

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Proactive, Not Reactive, Protection
Against Invasive Ads

Protect your audience from invasive ads without impacting your bottom line.

Stop Malware

Replace malicious, invasive and non compliant ads with safe, revenue generating ads.

Protect User Experience

Prevent ads that autoplay, slow page load times or feature content that's inappropriate from impacting users on all devices, mobile web and in-app.

Stay Compliant

Ensure all ads comply with evolving privacy regulations, brand guidelines, and approved media formats.

Deliver ads without security concerns.

Tracking down bad ads is time consuming and frustrating. Ad Lightning identifies and replaces problematic ads with safe creatives, allowing your ad operations team to focus on other priorities. Flexible integration options, “report ad” tools and configurable settings keeps your team in control and your audience safe.

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Ad Lightning UI that shows the product’s dashboard. Elements include ad quality, scanning, and blocking metrics and data visualization.

Transform ad security from a cost center to a profit center.

Due to brand quality blocks, Chrome heavy ad blocks and issues during the initial ad serving process, publishers are seeing more unmonetized ad space on their pages.  Boltive has introduced new features that look for these empty ad slots to help you re-monetize that lost inventory.

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Ad Lightning UI that showcases refresh and wrapper configuration . From this screen users can enable various refresh types, and change how the wrapper behaves

Make ad security your competitive advantage.

Publishers and platforms know an ad is a make-or-break experience. You can get it right and win more engaged visitors and customers.

Our customers trust Ad Lightning to stop malicious and surveilling ads from reaching their audience (and bottomline)—while providing the support and tools needed to stay ahead of the changing landscape.

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Ad Lightning UI that shows configuration options for scanning and blocking, with options to change behavior per category or type

We replaced our legacy ad quality solution because we wanted a holistic view of what was happening on our site.  We felt that Ad Lightning provided this information in a way that allowed all of our team members to utilize and action on ad quality issues. 


Ad Security from Creative to Last Impression


Before Ads Are Live

Automated pre-flight checks help publishers and exchanges ensure that ad creative meets guidelines for compliance, content, and security before going live.


While Ads Are Live

We identify the source of bad ads once they’ve gone live, helping publishers and platforms stop problems and protect revenue in real-time.  


Around the Clock

Real-time analytics, 24/7 notifications, best-in-class support and customizable settings ensures that Publishers and Platforms have complete control of their ad security.