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Active Threats - Aug. 24th


August 24, 2023

Active Threats


Over the past 3-4 weeks, Boltive has detected an increase in DCCBoost-related threat activity across all platforms. Boltive has observed DCCBoost run high-volume but short-term campaigns, typically lasting a few weeks. Threat campaign will load a very simple but deeply integrated loader which loads a second stage. Second stage will then perform various fingerprinting, send telemetry (if criteria met), perform ad-quality-vendor checks, and finally redirect if their targeting criteria is satisfied

Techniques Deployed

Fingerprinting, telemetry (1%/configurable), multistage loader, DGA and frequently rotating loader/payload/redirect domains, multiple delays, event based triggers
Propagation: Creatopy/Adspeed/Bannerwise

Affected Platforms


Example Ad

Boltive Active Threats - 8-24 - Sample Ad

Landing Page

Boltive Active Threats - 8-24  LP

Variant #1

Boltive Active Threats - 8-24 - Variant_1

Variant #2

Boltive Active Threats - 8-24 - Variant_2

Variant #3

Boltive Active Threat - 8-24 - Variant_3
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