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You keep data safe within your enterprise. But how safe is sharing it with vendors?​

Between media companies, technology providers, and brands, trillions of real time ad auctions happen every day. A single ad request from a publisher can turn into dozens across the ecosystem of partners. ​GDPR penalties for data mishandling have exceeded $1B and are growing. California is issuing enforcement letters. Other state laws will follow in early 2023.  ​Fully 64% of adults worry about data collection and 72% have stopped using a product for that reason1. Privacy is the second highest priority behind measurement when brands buy media2. ​
1Microsoft and iProspect  2Lotame​
Ad Summary for an Improperly Retargeted AdA portion of the Privacy Guard dashboard UI that includes the Compliance Summary sectionAd Summary module for an ad with an Unverified Data CollectorGraphic of an Ad Summary showing  a consent failure warnings and detils on an ad.
Privacy Guard's Tracker Graph UI, which shows the chain of collectors associated with an ad

Share data safely and compliantly with Boltive Privacy Guard™

We developed patented synthetic audience technology, teamed up with the co-author of CCPA and CPRA, and consulted with top legal experts to create Privacy Guard™. Our customers correct gaps before they become liabilities. No implementation or system integration is required. ​

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Violations By Type UI Module showing metrics for each type of violation

Audit your data sharing for three types of risk

We check for:

  1. ​Failed opt-in and opt-out consent​
  2. Unlawful personal information sharing
  3. ​Unauthorized data collectors ​​

We verify your Consent Management Platform is handling opt-out and opt-in requests properly. We review if consent strings are transmitting correctly to your partners. ​We also investigate third parties skimming data suspiciously. ​

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Benchmark your competition and post cookie audience solutions

Size up your campaign effectiveness against competitors. Learn who performs better with which segments.​ Measure reach, frequency and spend pacing of cookie or post-cookie vendor tools. Compare identity solutions head-to-head. ​

Table and graph of an ad campaign performance broken out for various identity solutions.
Compliance Summary UI module, showing the Boltive Risk Index and violation trends over time

Quantify your exposure

Score your ads, partners, data collectors, and user segments on the Boltive Risk Index, or BRI™. It’s a data privacy framework that helps you understand at a glance if your partners’ data practices are violative and putting you at risk of regulatory action.​

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Emulate your customer

Our synthetic user personas browse the open web just like your consumers do. You can customize your profiles with a wide range of personal information and actions to match your customer set or retargeting strategy.

Persona Cards and browser frames showing types of personal information that can be added (shopping cart actions, opt out decisions)
Persona Icons and a button with pointer that reads "Create Persona"

Deploy your own secret shoppers

After setting the opt out in your CMP, your personas surf the web and capture the ads they see, sending thousands of points of data back to your dashboard to alert you to potential issues.

See the whole picture

Privacy Guard™ captures and aggregates real ads being served to your personas in real time, delivering to you the key insights you need to keep your consumer data -- and your brand reputation -- safe.

  • Spot problems with consent signal handoffs throughout the ad ecosystem
  • Identify compliance violations across a range of regulations and frameworks
  • Visualize the flow of consumer data on an ad by ad basis, revealing data leakage in real time
Persona Summary Card showing the Personal Information, Regulation Type, and Boltive Risk Index Score

Bypass integration headaches​

Privacy Guard™ uses our patented technology in a codeless solution which means no system integration is required. It’s easy to add us to your current set of tools without adding weight to your site or ads. Just set up your personas and run.​

CMP Configuration UI Module, showing Target CMP configuration

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Discover where consumer data may be leaking and violating privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and others.

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Size up your campaign effectiveness against competitors. Compare identity solutions head-to-head. ​

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