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Protection from Malvertising, Ad Quality and Compliance Issues

With hundreds of competitors now in the market, trust and transparency have become competitive differentiators for leading adtech platforms. Boltive gives you the tools to monitor the ads on your platform, identify and block bad ads before they hurt your customers, and detect privacy compliance issues before they become regulatory actions.

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Stand Out from the Competition by Setting a New Standard for Accountability and Protection

Every ad delivered on your platform is an opportunity to provide value to your audience. Form a deeper relationship with your partners by delivering the ad experiences they demand. From pre-flight checks to custom integrations, Boltive ensures complete protection from ad violations.

Stop Malware

Identify bad ads that are compromised with malware, malicious behaviors, or embedded viruses. Customize your integration to prevent lost impressions and feed insights back into your system.

Go Beyond Malvertising

Boltive identifies ads that autoplay and feature content that's inappropriate. We know that one-size doesn’t fit all, so Platforms can customize attributes based on their client’s needs.

Stay Compliant

Ensure all ads comply with industry standards, privacy regulations and  privacy signals aren’t being accidentally mishandled or lost.

Choose the Most Comprehensive Ad Quality Solution

Our patented malware detection, robust category features and unique custom blocking gives platforms the flexibility needed to identify and stop all unwanted ads from reaching your clients. With tools that easily extract seat IDs and other ad level reporting data, Platforms can protect their audience and inform future auction decisions.

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Protect Your Customers and Reputation with Patented Malware Detection

Let ad quality be your competitive advantage. Boltive's patented technology identifies and stops malware, redirects and other unwanted ads before they become a liability for you. Boltive deploys a combination of dynamic analysis, machine learning, and a team of security engineers to detect and anticipate new threats. Flexible integration and reporting options ensure you get the coverage you need when you need it.

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Prevent Unintended Data Sharing Violations

Boltive uniquely identifies and remediates data sharing and retargeting risk, delivering you with the key insights you need to keep your consumer data and your reputation safe. Boltive’s patented technology is the only solution that audits your set-up and alerts you of third parties that aren’t compliant with expected regulations so that you can address issues and avoid fines.

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