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Ad Security Reimagined: Exploring Boltive's Artificial Intelligence Techniques


February 22, 2024


In our previous exploration - Automating Threat Detection: How Boltive is Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Reshape Ad Security - we unveiled the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing ad security. Continuing along the path into the application of AI in the rapid identification and mitigation of malicious ads, with the spotlight on Boltive's Security Response Platform (SRP), we will show you additional ways in which AI helps protect clients from additional types of threats.

The Impact of AI on Content Moderation: Quantifiable Improvements

AI has significantly improved the landscape of content moderation. For instance, recent studies have shown that AI-driven systems have enhanced the accuracy of identifying unwanted content by up to 85%. This advancement has streamlined the process and reduced the manual labor typically involved in content moderation, marking a milestone in operational efficiency and efficacy.

is at the forefront of employing AI to create a safer, more reliable digital advertising ecosystem with these advances. In this article, we examine the intricate role of AI in filtering and identifying sensitive or unwanted content. This crucial aspect of digital advertising ensures that only appropriate, safe, and relevant ads reach audiences while maintaining brand integrity and consumer trust.

AI Engine: The Core of Advanced Ad Security

Boltive's AI Engine is a cornerstone in its quest for ad security that demonstrates a remarkable blend of technology and innovation. Let’s break down its complex process into clear, actionable steps to understand how it transforms ad security.

Through these steps, Boltive’s AI Engine embodies a powerful tool in the fight against malicious and unwanted digital ads. It showcases a perfect blend of technology and practical application. With its advanced processes, the engine not only ensures the safety and relevance of ads but also paves the way for a more secure digital advertising future.

Case Study: Tackling Sensitive Content with Artificial Intelligence

In digital advertising, addressing sensitive content remains a significant challenge for brands and publishers alike. AI has opened new avenues for effectively managing such content and ensuring advertising remains relevant, engaging, and respectful of societal norms and sensitivities. 

The Challenge: A Flood of Unwanted Ads

In a real-world application of Boltive's AI capabilities, we turn to a case involving Sovrn, an online publisher technology partner. During the onset of the Israel-Hamas War, Sovrn faced a critical challenge: Its partner's website (a prominent news organization) was inundated with unwanted ads related to the conflict. Pressure mounted for Sovrn to effectively block these ads, not only to maintain the integrity of the partner’s site but also to respect the sensitivities around the global event.

Sample ads of sensitive content being displayed on the partner website.
The Solution: Leveraging Boltive’s AI Capabilities

To address this issue, Sovrn harnessed the power of Boltive’s ad security product Ad Lightning. This sophisticated system was pivotal in quickly identifying and blocking unwanted ads. The capability of the AI Engine, however, went beyond mere identification, it was instrumental in preventing similar or evolving floods of unwanted ads from the same actors. The ability of the AI Engine to automatically extract signatures which can then be queried in the search system, allows for similarly sensitive ads to be quickly identified and blocked. Thus safeguarding the partner’s website from continuous attacks.

As a result, there was a 5000% increase in the identification of unique signatures during this period, highlighting the system's efficiency and responsiveness in a time-sensitive and challenging situation. View the full case study here.

Case Study: Combating Sexually Suggestive Content on a Gaming Platform

Navigating the digital ad space often involves confronting content that, while perhaps appealing to certain demographics, can be inappropriate or misaligned with a brand's values or the expectations of a wider audience. 

The Challenge: Protecting Minors from Sensitive Content

A large gaming platform started encountering an influx of ads that are considered sensitive for their sexually suggestive creatives. As the platform serves several users teenagers and older, this content did not align with the platform’s standards. With an influx of sexually suggestive images, there was an urgency to find and remove these ads due to the nature of the platform and its audience.

Sample ads of sensitive content being displayed on the gaming platform.
The Solution: Precise Criteria and Rapid Mitigation

Ad Lightning was employed to tackle this issue. The first step involved identifying a number of ad creatives that fell into the sexually suggestive category. By utilizing its extensive database of existing ads that required blocking, Ad Lightning quickly began its identification and mitigation process. The sophisticated capabilities of the AI Engine allowed it to distinguish the difference between creative expression and sexually suggestive content in the anime ads being presented. 

This case exemplifies Ad Lightning’s ability to identify complex and sensitive ad security challenges. By leveraging AI, Ad Lightning ensured that the gaming platform maintained its content integrity and protected its viewers from inappropriate material. This example shows the power of targeted AI applications in digital advertising, highlighting the importance of adaptable and responsive ad security solutions in maintaining online content standards.

Bolstering the Future of Ad Security with Boltive's Artificial Intelligence

As we conclude our exploration of Boltive’s use of AI in ad security, it's evident that this technology is the future. The examples we've discussed demonstrate the consistent benefits and importance of AI in providing a swift, efficient, and responsive ad security solution in an active, threat-filled environment. And like the threat actors, we need to continue to evolve in order to better prepare against future attacks.

The future of Ad Lighting from Boltive is looking bright.  We are still in the early stages of harnessing the power of AI to help solve these tough ad security problems with a number of new initiatives in the works.  These include:

Custom Content Moderation Criteria

AI for Anomaly Detection

IAB Categorization

Explore the Future of Ad Security with Botlive

To fully grasp the potential of these upcoming features and understand how Boltive's AI technology can transform your ad security strategy, we encourage you to book a demo today. Experience firsthand the future of ad security, where Boltive’s innovative AI solutions meet your specific needs.

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