Your Privacy Matters

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Privacy Guard

The only tool powerful enough to detect data sharing gaps before they become liabilities.

Boltive’s patented technology is the only solution to audit your website & digital ad campaigns to uncover third parties that aren’t compliant with expected regulations. Privacy Guard provides actionable forensic data that makes it easy to remediate violations and recover lost revenue from mishandled signals.

Privacy Guard dashboard displayed on a computer monitor. Dashboard shows metrics for CMP performance, Ad Stack errors, and more.

Comply with Regulations and
Protect Your Reputation

Consent Errors

Ensure that customer's opt out requests are captured correctly and honored by all technology partners in the ad delivery chain.

Unlawful Sensitive Data Sharing

Verify that personal data is not used for Interest Based Advertising (IBA) if a user has opted out.

Unauthorized Data Collectors

Audit your technology partners, and your partner's partners, to prevent user data from being secretly intercepted.

Boltive's Privacy Guard Corrects Gaps Before They Become Liabilities

Boltive verifies consent signals end-to-end, from your website to your CMP to your digital ad campaigns. Secret-shopper technology watches your site and your digital campaigns in real-time, ensuring that violations are detected and opportunities to reach your target audience aren’t missed. ​We also investigate third parties skimming data suspiciously.

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Privacy Guard UI showing persona configuration, including location and browse behavior weighting.

One Ad Campaign May Contain Thousands of Covert Violations

Privacy laws were written so that violations are counted at the individual level, not campaign level. This creates a potential multiplier effect on errant ads totaling millions in potential fines.

Boltive’s patented technology is the only solution that audits your set up and alerts you of third parties in YOUR ad delivery flow that aren’t compliant with expected regulations.

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Privacy Guard UI that shows Consent Capture data and visualizations broken out by persona.

Don’t Miss Out on Engaged Users

Opt-in signals can fail as often as opt-outs.  This creates a missed opportunity to reach users that want to hear from you.  Boltive’s technology highlights lost signals so that you can optimize your digital ad campaign spend and ensure efficient targeting.

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Privacy Guard UI showing data and visualizations focused on retargeted ads and data collection. The graph and tables are broken out by persona, captured ads are also displayed.

Boltive’s compliance system, with all of its tracking methodologies, will create a good paper trail and record of good faith efforts at privacy compliance.

— Richard Arney, co-author CCPA, CPRA

How it Works


Emulate Your Customer

Boltive's Privacy Guard allows you to create and customize profiles with a wide range of personal information and actions to match your customer set, opt-out flow and retargeting strategy.


Deploy Secret Shoppers

Your personas surf your site and the web just like a real user. Privacy Guard then captures and aggregates real data being transacted about your personas.


See the Whole Picture

The real-time dashboard pinpoints consent failures, unwanted data collection and other violations, along with the information needed to remediate the issue.


Bypass Integration Headaches

As a codeless solution, no system integration is required. It’s easy to add us to your current set of tools without adding weight to your site or ads. Just set up your personas and run.​