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Powered by AI

At Boltive, we’ve harnessed the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize our operations. The Boltive AI Engine - powering the Boltive product suite - leverages the latest AI models to create innovative solutions across the ad security, compliance and data privacy landscape.


Ad Lightning

Protect your audience from malware, redirects and unwanted content categories. Now powered by AI to identify new and emerging malware threats in real time. We are also introducing new AI targeted category blocking to help unlock new revenue by enabling you to replace your broad GAM and SSP blocklists with Boltive AI driven category blocks instead.

Ad Lightning dashboard screenshot on a tablet. The main dashboard displays website scan data with filters for network, device, and dates. Metrics include total actions, unique signatures, impressions, protected impressions, recovered revenue, and critical alerts. This helps users monitor website security and identify potential threats

Ad Monitor

A powerful ad discovery engine that combines a massive database of online ads with advanced AI. With over a billion ad impressions analyzed daily, Ad Monitor delivers insights from the actual ads delivered to consumers' browsers through an "Ask Me Anything" search engine.

Screenshot of the Ad Monitor main search page. An empty search bar appears in the center. Below it, a menu displays options for suggested searches, including 'Misleading ads for credit card applications' and 'Ads with Mastercard logo.' Additional categories like 'Negative Politics,' 'Cannabis CBD/THC,' and 'Gambling' can be applied to the main search box. A search button sits to the right, allowing a user to launch a query.

Privacy Guard

The only tool powerful enough to detect data sharing gaps before they become liabilities. With Boltive’s patented technology businesses can audit their website and digital ad campaigns to gain transparency into potential risks concerning consumer data privacy.

Screenshot of a Privacy Guard dashboard on a tablet. The dashboard displays a privacy health score of 4.0 out of 5. Results are broken down by jurisdiction (Canada, Colorado, Virginia, Connecticut) .  Additional sections  show verification results for consent, objects (data points), and ads. Metrics include tags, cookies, and unapproved collectors. This dashboard helps users monitor their privacy compliance across different regions.
"We've been working with the Boltive team for several years and have continually been impressed with their knowledge of the industry, effectiveness of their solution and responsiveness of their team."

— Everyday Health Group