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Powered by AI

The Boltive AI Engine elevates Ad Lightning, providing our customers with an advanced ad security solution. By leveraging sophisticated AI models, we can quickly identify and neutralize malicious or unwanted ads, enabling you to proactively address potential threats.

Stop Malicious Threats

Malvertisers Are Actively Targeting Your Sites and Customers

Our advanced AI models enhance our ability to quickly identify threat actors and recognize their malicious tactics. By analyzing vast amounts of data in real-time, our AI-driven system can pinpoint and eliminate threats with unprecedented speed and accuracy, providing you with robust protection against evolving ad‑based attacks.

Ad Lightning Denylist Management UI in a tablet. Shows items like 'Malware', 'Phishing', and 'Trojan' in a table with the checkboxes to enable 'Scan" or 'Block'. A graph hovers over the screen, and shows trend data for one of these items

Remove Sensitive Content

Maintain an Environment That Aligns With Your Company's Standards

Our AI technology accurately identifies the nature of ads, whether they involve alcohol, politics, gambling, or other sensitive topics. By analyzing and detecting unique signatures in real time, we continuously update blocklists to ensure that any ads deviating from your brand’s guidelines are efficiently blocked. This not only preserves consumer trust but also protects your brand's reputation.

Ad Lightning Denylist Management UI in a tablet. Shows Category items like 'Health', 'Gambling', and 'Negative Politics' in a table with the checkboxes to enable 'Scan" or 'Block'. Examples of bad ads from a few of the categories are shown.

Maximize Ad Revenue

Unlock New Revenue With AI Targeted Category Blocking.

Traditional broad ad blocking strategies, while improving customer experiences, often result in significant revenue loss. With AI-driven category blocking, you can now selectively block only the undesirable ads within high CPM categories, such as politics, alcohol, healthcare, and gambling. For instance, rather than blocking the entire politics category due to a few negative ads, our AI solution allows positive, high-revenue political ads to pass through while filtering out the problematic ones. This approach helps publishers unlock new revenue streams by replacing broad blocklists in Google Ad Manager (GAM) and SSPs with our precise, AI-powered ad blocking.

Ad Lightning Denylist Management UI in a tablet screen. Ads that fall into the Negative Politics AI model are shown here with key info about when the ad was seen, and a button to view more details

Ad Lightning Mobile SDK

Extend your ad security coverage from browser-based platforms to native iOS and Android applications. Protect your brand integrity across diverse digital landscapes, guaranteeing a consistent and secure user experience.

How It Works

A solution for banners and interstitials that captures and analyzes ad content in real-time. If malicious, offensive, or inappropriate behavior is detected, the ad is flagged and control is passed back to the app where you can determine the desired action to take.

Supported Platforms

The SDK has been explicitly tested against GAM, AdMob, and AppLovin MAX. However, the solution is designed to be SDK-agnostic and is not limited to these named integration scenarios.

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Case Studies

Defense Against Offensive Ads

While online advertising offers significant benefits, it also poses risks with offensive ad creatives that can damage brand reputation and disrupt user experience. Learn how Sovrn Holdings leveraged Ad Lightning to build a robust defense against offensive ads, effectively protecting their brand and enhancing user experience.

Expanding Ad Security to Mobile Apps

With mobile app usage continuing to grow in importance, the need for publishers to drive monetization has resulted in many of the same ad quality issues they experience on the web. Learn how BuzzFeed was able to easily extend their Boltive partnership to add protection for their iOS and Android apps.

"Implementing Ad Lightning has been a game-changer for our ad security efforts. The speed and accuracy with which machine learning identifies and mitigates potential threats are nothing short of impressive. Kudos to the team for delivering a solution that empowers us to stay one step ahead of potential risks."

— Sr. Director of Operations, Sovrn