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Boltive is security against invasive media when everyday solutions fall short​

We live in an age that demands greater data, privacy and consumer protections. Aggressive advertising is no longer simply irritating. It’s dangerous, and is recognized as such.  ​Regulators, law enforcement and users expect safety.

But  compliance teams running first generation software or repeating manual tasks can’t meet these expectations. The malicious and abusive scripts of invasive media are predatory, cunning and adaptive. So we need to adapt, too. This is why:
Boltive is the next evolution of Ad Lightning

Our industry is undergoing transformation and so are we. Ad Lightning served as the name of our company since we were founded in 2016. It continues as the name of our flagship product--the most comprehensive ad quality software available.

As we grow in new areas like privacy, our company name is changing to Boltive. Clients can expect the same level of exceptional service that earns us a Net Promoter Score (NPS) consistently in the top 1% of software companies.

The root word bolt carries two meanings: tight security and lightning intensity. We securely and intensely safeguard the internet from malware, offensive content, heavy ads and privacy violations. Boltive reflects our values of trust, accountability, and world class service.

As time online and programmatic delivery have expanded, so has invasive advertising​

Invasive media is…

  • ​Heavy - Ads that consume so much CPU or network bandwidth that they are blocked by browsers and never seen by visitors​
  • Malicious - Trojans, malicious browser extensions, redirects and other threats to users’ safety
  • ​Offensive - Violent, hateful, indecent, off-color and other unsafe material that can repel consumer viewers and shoppers ​
  • ​Insecure - Accidental leaks of personal information and other private details that can be misused by bad actors and other aggressors

Our Values


Our Values

  1. ​Maintain open communication and transparency in decision making
  2. Be accountable and follow-through on commitments​
  3. Take risks and fail fast, but learn as we go​
  4. Treat investor money like it's our own​
  5. Hire and develop A talent; don’t settle​
  6. Support our environment of self-reliance and initiative while asking each other for help​
  7. Give trust from the get-go yet constantly work to earn it​
  8. Provide world class service to our customers​
  9. Lead with courage, confidence, and humility​
A photo of the team together in the office
A photo of the team in the office

Our Leadership

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Dan Frechtling

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Dan has led B2B SaaS businesses since 1999. Prior to Boltive, he was President of G2 Web Services, acquired by Verisk, where he expanded G2’s cyber security solutions to detect brand damaging activity and transaction laundering. He was also GM/VP at Hibu, VP at and Sr. Associate for McKinsey. He has an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School and a BS with High Honors from Northwestern University.

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Paul Major

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Paul is a seasoned product leader with over 20 years of experience leading product teams to help solve customer problems. Most recently VP of Product at Sovrn & Cheezburger with previous leadership roles with Microsoft & NBC News. Paul graduated with a BS in Marketing from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Kate Reinmiller

Co-Founder & CRO
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Kate is a start-up veteran 15+ years of experience in digital advertising technology. She most recently served as COO and VP of Product and Services at Mixpo, overseeing Client Services, Product Management, Support, Custom Solutions and Creative Services. Prior to that Kate worked directly with brands like Norwegian Cruise Line to develop comprehensive digital advertising strategies. Kate graduated from Tulane University with a BS degree in Information Systems and Marketing.

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Drake Callahan

Co-Founder & CTO
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Drake has over 20 years of software development experience working at startups and leading new development initiatives for large organizations. He most recently served as a Director of Engineering for Apollo Education Group building out a new online classroom and career guidance tools. Prior to that he spent a decade developing and leading software development projects for Qpass, a mobile commerce startup that was acquired by Amdocs. Drake has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Idaho.

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Scott Moore

Co-Founder and CFO
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Scott joined Boltive in June, 2016 from Cheezburger, Inc. where he was CEO and successfully completed the sale of the business in March, 2016. Moore has held leadership positions in digital media for over 20 years including SVP, Media for Yahoo!; GM & Executive Producer, MSN (Microsoft); President,; and Publisher, Slate. Scott is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Washington Foster School of Business (MBA).

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